Learning From Black Lives Matter

This is Your Life

   Same as it ever was
   Who Am I?
      Starting with Mom & Dad
      The "mother Complex" - problems with mother
      Friends, Acquaintances & Associates
   I had a dream - once when I was little
   Who are the people in your neighbourhood?

Getting focused

   Losing What We Care About
   From Dreams to Tacky Substitutes
   What's Going On?
   Then and now
   Help the police, beat yourself up
   Forgiveness - an after-thought

Getting Involved - Losers, Who Can Face The Fact

   Throwing the Pity Party
   The Fear
      Hurting Someone's Feelings
   The Chaos - Garbled Communications
      Slurs and so on
      Raised voices
      General Distractions
   Using Frameworks, Loving People
   What Do We Want? NOW!
   Looking Good, Feeling Good
   Being a good sport
   Rolling in Role
   Don't Drink, Eat!
      What is it with water?
      What is it with protein?
      What is it with Carbs?
      What is it with fat?
      What is it with vitamins?
   The good stuff - antioxidants
   The bad stuff
      "Processed" Food
      Saturated fat
   Doing nice things
   Loving till it hurts
   Dancing to a different tune
   But What Do We DO?
      A sense of meaning
      A sense of purpose
      Time-enough For Quick Fixes
   "Feelings vs Facts" - whatever
      Hair-splitting? Moi?
      Poll after Poll
      Gotta Write This Stuff Down
    Attention to Detail
      Integrity in Everything
   "Are There Any Skeletons Here Today?"
     Things Will Tell Immediately
     Things Will Tell Eventually
     Things Will Tell If Asked or Pushed

[A]ctivism : [a]ctivism – the practice

   Writing Letters to Politicians
   Studying Public Administration and Law
   Negotiating with Police
   Negotiating with Criminals, when necessary
   Networking With Helpful Professionals
   Receiving the Odd Death Threat
   Involving the Media
   Going on Television
   Becoming a Surveillance Target
   Keeping the Grass Roots INFORMED
   Being Targeted for Co-option
   Taking ALL the Blame for Failure
   Helping [a]ctivists with decision making

Getting Active

   First Impressions
   The wardrobe department
   Polishing Up Our Act
   Small talk
   Hot-button Issues
     From "I" to "ME"
     Meaning? Getting What We Need!
     Learning From The Experts
     Our Kids
     Our Pets
   Acting it all Out - The Ivy League Approach
     Don't Hate the Player
     2nd Nature Without a Script
     Not to be taken seriously, at first
     Hard, but not as hard as the real thing!
     Shelving the Self-help books, for now
   Knowing and Really Knowing
     Our Assumptions on a Two-way Street
   Breaking New Ground, Emotionally
     Bursting into Fears
     Just Role-play? I know you didn't mean that, but...
     The Royal Road to Empathy
     Deeper (inner) States
     From Over-compensation to Self-affirmation
     Growing Stronger Through Feeling Vulnerable
   Weight-lifting for [a]ctivists
     It's Your Call! - Wearing the Yellow Vest
     Speaking the Unspeakable
     Hearing it out
     Parenting Talk
     Police Talk
     Well-meaning Whitewash Talk
     Mixed signals from the Chocolate side of town
     Heroes Talk
   Some Heavy-lifting for the [A]ctivists
     A lil' Shy, huh? Don't Worry
     We [a]ctivists will take you there, Right Now!
     Getting Serious - while wearing a red nose
     Getting Heard - while no-one cares
     Getting Generous - while being first in line
     Getting Concerned - while walking with a cane
     Getting Noticed - Just LOOK at Yourself!
     Getting Interesting - If only You Could HEAR Yourself!
     Getting Humorous - while describing a disaster sequence
     Getting Artistically Creative
   "Levels" of Creativity
     Imaginative Artistry
     Expressive Artistry
     Spontaneous Artistry
     Inspired Artistry
     Sustained Creativity

Not Just a Moment, A Movement!

   One Step Beyond…
   The Too Average Mainstream
   Only Markets have the answer; Really?
   We Movements Got It All
       Too Cool For Skool
       Learning as we Teach
       Starting Somewhere
         A, B, C, Duh
         Learning to Write, more importantly
         Rote Learning another look
       Into Our Stride
         High Quality Survey Courses for ALL
         Correct us if we're wrong - making friends with academics
       Game Theory - suspending (dis)belief
       Recreational Learning because Life's Like...
     The Media
         Reading one
         Writing one
         A Real Live Wire
         Just as we were warming up
         Don't call us
       New Media
         Documenting our Movement
         High Quality Video
     Keeping the Faith
       in a World Gone MAD!
       The spirit of Liberation Theology
       from heavy insight to popular bore
       Learning from
         Sensualists - making the most of
         Dramatists - guess it could be worse
         Pragmatists - making do
         Humanitarians - making something out of nothing
     Recreational Drugs
       The Real Deal
       Just Say NO? Easier said than done
       Getting Stoned without Getting Stoned at All
       Round and round the Polls we go
       Debating - when arguing is better than sex!
         The Advocate - for something
         The Nihilist - against everything
         The Devil's Advocate - why not?
       What would YOU know about Sri-lanka?
       Chronological Argument
         What happened to Islam?
         What is it with the New Atheists?
         What happened to just about everything?
       Reframing Unemployment
       Re-entering the mainstream - dumbing it all back down, sadly
       Love my work, hate my job
       The wardrobe department
       But what do I want to BE? Meeting those who already are
       ME and me C.V.
       A Portfolio of Work
       First Aides
       First Responder. Who Me?
       Cooking with a Purpose
     Organization and Structure
     Learning to take Some things for granted!
       A Library
       Special Interest Groups
         For Hobbyists
         For Autodidacts
         For the Vulnerable
         Tacky Substitute Focus Group
         Self-defence - Let's Get Physical
         Institutional Records
         His-story? How About Our Story
         Reporters - bringing it all together
       Quality Professional Training - IF We Can Get It!
       Proven Standards, With Our Own Twist
       Writing All This Stuff Down
       Watching the News
       Feeding the Imagination

Loose on the public

   You know what people are like
     Making mistakes - again!
     Being lied to
     Losing face
     Losing money
     The unknown
     Third-party information
     Hard times - again!
   Some Days Are Better Than Others
     Creating a Sense of Urgency
     Working the Guilt Angle
     Love Bombing!
     Assuming We Know Best
     Presenting it in Writing!
     The Negative "them" approach
     "The Facts trump Feelings" approach

Staying Active

   Singing the Blues
   Patience, Gentlemen

Falling Apart

   Warning Signs - "you always...", "you never..."
   Breaking up
     Time Out - alone
     There's a Pattern Here, Somewhere…
     Loosening Up
     Easy on the Rebound
   Keeping it Together while getting It off our chest
     Find Fault

Signs We're Groovin'

   Looking Forward To Meeting One Another's Family
   Willing to Explain to Others Our Unavailability to Do Other Stuff
   Ditching Our Little Black Book
   Breathing Easier When Together
   Humming Songs Of Faith, Hope And Devotion Under Our Breath
   Feeling Energized
   Willing to Go Somewhere We Hate
   Saving Money When We Are Spendthrifts
   Spending Money When We Know We're Mean
   Meeting and Doing Nothing At All - Sounds Terrific!
   Being Ourselves Together and Only Realising It Later

Studying Fear

   Our own fear
   What People Fear Most


   Me? Paranoid?
   Some "Tells"
     "Let's Get CRIMINAL"
   When We've Done Nothing Wrong
     Mobilizing Community Self-reliance
     Pooling Resources for Bigger & Better Experiences
     Threading Water with the Most Vulnerable
     Helping People Register to Vote
     Working through Our Differences
     Shelving Our Quarrels - at least for now
     Learning From a Healthy, Confident, Educated one another
     What Could Be More?
   Understanding Power
     Ultimately Threatening?

Powerful Reasons We Do Nothing - Joking Aside

   Power wants us to
   Power needs us to
   Power is big, Big, BIG
   Power makes us feel secure
   Power feeds our vanity
   Power promises status
   Power acts appropriately
   We are creatures of habit

High Quality Video; just One approach

   Bilingual - Strong Words, Subtle Imagery
   Feelings, Facts & Figures
   The Script aka the essay
     A Framework
       Introduction revisited
     A Rhythm of Emphasis
   The Imagery between the lines
   Test running with someone’s words we admire
   min | min | min | min | min
   Mixing It!
     Past, Present & Future
     Static & Dynamic
     Watch MTV
   Testing It
     Good Enough?
     Now, Ask a 15-year-old!
   Tools and Technology

Whatever Happened To Just About Everything?

   Everything Is So Homoginized? "GAY"?
   Walls Can Come Tumbling Down
   Nowhere To Hide
   When Institutions Fail Us
     Back to Fundamentals
       Joined a Cult to Find Myself...
       ...But I Wasn't There
     Same as it ever Was, Really
     An Education System That...
       ...Cannot Keep Up
       ...Will Not Keep Up

Designing Survey Courses

   What Are They?
   Introductions to...
   To "disciplines"
   From Art to Zen
     The Theory - a critical look
       Stated Aims
       A Process Whereby...
     In Practice - critical love from the insiders
       Lofty Aims
       Problems with Processes
       Actual Outcomes
     Master at - Take Three!
       What do Music, Biology and Game Theory?
       Have in "Common"? Is This a Joke?

Only Markets have the answer. Really?

   Economics - a belief system like any other
     Our nature and belief systems
       We never talk about them
       Co-operation without looking
       Makes us cynical about LOOKING!
       Close your mind, open your wallet
       You'll Get NOTHING, And LIKE It!
       Forgive us, but we have a QUESTION
       Life's "Survivors" and the spirit of Projection
       Worship-ism - comes with the territory
         - The believers
         - the non-believers
       Reading Marx, but where?
       The London Financial Times - for the responsible men only
       The Class thing - Ruining the Buzz
         There is such thing as "them"
         They started it, apparently
         We're a class but only in relation to them
         because they are a class but only in relation to us
       Contradictions Highlighted - For every down there's an up
         Facilitating Globalization
         We're all in this together
         Perhaps more than we would even like
         I get $, how much do you get?
       Behind the times?
         Phoney (family) Values
       because we need a regular supply of
         Manual Labor
         Chimney Sweepers
       Child Labor in America
       sack the school janitors, let the kids do it
     Private > State > Worker Ownerhship